The Movement Traction Fortress is a vehicle which appears in Fever Crumb. It was the capital vehicle of the Movement, and it was commanded by Land-Admiral Nicola Quercus. It was around a hundred feet tall, and armored in timber and metal. The Fortress was also painted with white dazzle-patterns for moving across The Ice Wastes, rolled on wheels, and included many gun-emplacements.

The Movement's Fortress was originally an ox-drawn wagon for their chieftan. And over the years, it grew bigger. They added turrets, gun decks, cabins, spires, and jaws. The fortress was also powered by regiments of slaves walking on large treadmills in the under-decks. The Fortress also carried a long-aged tree towards its stern which came from the Arctic Oak Forests many years ago.

It is likely that the Fortress was torn apart to be used for building the Traction City of London.

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