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The Scrivener Institute or Skrevanastuut is one of the key locations in "Scrivener's Moon"

The Skrevanastuut or Scrivener Institute is one of the main locations in Scrivener's Moon. It is the target of an expedition by Wavey Godshawk and Fever Crumb, however is eventually reached by Fever Crumb and Cluny and Marten Morvish after Wavey's death.


The Scrivener Institute was a building built in the time before the Sixty Minute War / Downsizing, by the Scrivener group of companies. It was built as a large black pyramid in the northern ice wastes, to withstand an impact of 50 megatons, as a cataclysmic war between the American Empire and Greater China was seen as inevitable. The company wanted to breed a new type of humans, known as Humanity 2.0 or Homo-Superior, (who later became known as the Scriven) which would be more resistant to radiation, adapted to survive in sub-zero temperatures and low light and would have a longer reproductive life, to ensure the survival of mankind. It was from there that the Scriven people emmerged after the war. It was the belief of the Scrivener company that normal humans wouldn't survive the war and would be replaced by their modified humans. however, this was on the case and almost all of the Scriven were wiped out in the London Skinner's Guild riots just after the birth of Fever Crumb.

Over time, the Scrivener Institute was entirely forgotten as to what it was - owing to its nuclear protection, it was completely impossible to open. Also most of those who knew about its existance thought it was cursed, so would not go near it. Some, like the nightwights worshipped it as their holy building, and due to being translated through many languages over several milennia, the name changed to Skrevanastuut.

In Scrivener's Moon , Wavey Godshawk mentioned that Auric Godshawk had once gone there to try and find old tech such as Stalkers and information abouth the Downsizing. However, he was unable to get in.

The DiscoveryEdit

The dwarf Borglum is informed of a possible opening in the Skrevanastuut pyramid by a scavenger named Duergar whilst touring in the north. He passes the knowledge on to Wavey Godshawk, and she and Fever set off to explore it. However, due to Wavey's murder, Fever ended up arriving at the Skrevanastuut with Cluny and Marten Morvish .