The Tin Book of Anchorage was a book that contained the codes to activate ODIN. It was constructed out of tin because of a paper shortage at the time of its writing. Before it fell into the hands of the Stalker Fang (who planned to use ODIN to wipe out humanity) the book was held in the library at the Margravinal palace in Anchorage.


The book is made out of a series of tin sheets held together by wire. On the cover is an eagle, a symbol of the American Empire. Because of its old age it is rusty and scratched.


The book was given to Dolly Rasmussen (the first margarvine of Anchorage) by an American seaman. For many years it gathered dust in the palace library until Uncle and the Lost Boys found out about it. They manipulated Wren Natsworthy into stealing it and giving it to them. The book eventually fell into the hands of Brighton City Council, but was stolen by the Stalker Fang during the Battle of Brighton. She memorised the book's contents before leaving it to be destroyed.