The Tumbler was a small one-man kamikaze missile-craft used extensively by the Green Storm during the Green Storm War. They were used to attack gun-emplacements, fortresses and other strategic features on Traction cities. The earlier Tumblers were piloted by Stalker brains but this was discontinued after it was found that they could not manuever through enemy fire.


Shown in The Traction Codex

Later Tumbler models were piloted by young and idealistic Green Storm volunteers who wanted to die for the Green Storm's beliefs and goals. Due to their small size, large numbers of Tumblers could be carried aboard larger Air Destroyer and Air Carriers. During the Battle of the Rustwater, Zagwan volunteer Theo Ngoni attempted to hit a target on the Tractionstadtsgesellchaft city of Jagdstadt Magdeburg. However, the Tumbler instead crashlanded on silage bales in a farming district.

Unwilling to kill civilians, Theo surrended to the townspeople who treated him well surprisingly. Due to the maximum danger level of keeping Green Storm combatants as prisoners, Theo was later sold as a slave. During the Battle of Brighton, Tumblers were deployed against the cities of Kom Ombo and Benghazi.