Urbivore is a short story that Philip Reeve wrote before starting on Mortal Engines. The story is the basis of the Mortal Engines Quartet, while not part of the World of Mortal Engines itself. Though it contains similar elements to the main world of Mortal Engines, it may not be canon, as the history is different and Municipal Darwinism operates slightly differently.


The story begins with a female Aviatrix called Rebecca Fox trying to warn the mayor of a small town that London is coming to eat them. However, the townsfolks don't believe her, as they do not think that London would eat them as their town is too small. A man who knows Fox believes that London is coming, but is not sure whether it is going to eat them or not.

Simularities and differences from the regular World of Mortal EnginesEdit

  • London is still the first traction city. However, Brunel and Darwin first set it in motion instead of Nicola Quercus|Nicolas Quirke.
  • There is an aviator called Fang. However, he is the navigator and is male.
  • Traction cities are thought to only eat big towns and trade with small ones (it is possible that the story is set back in the days that traction cities were plentiful and fuel was only just becoming an issue).
  • The cities of Arkangel and Zanzibar are mentioned; these cities appeared in the Quartet.