Wind Trams were a form of transport in the very early Traction Era and possibly before then. They were vehicles akin to trains that moved on monorails, but used sails instead of engines.


Wind trams were used at least in London, but they may have been used in other major static cities around the time of Fever Crumb. They were used for internal city travel for a low capacity of people.


The trams use sails to move, varying from eight to twelve miles-per-hour with a brisk breeze. If it gets stormy, the sails are either furled slightly or almost entirely so that the tram does not go too fast and fly off it's rails.

When there is not enough wind for the tram to move, it is dragged along by it's crew (usually five to seven people) with long poles. The trams could take anything up to thirty people per car.

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