Wolf Kobold
Biographical Information

1026, TE


Mayor of Harrowbarrow

Family members

Kriegsmarshal Von Kobold (father)

Physical Description


Behind the scenes

A Darkling Plain

Wolf Kobold is a German character who appeared in A Darkling Plain. He was the mayor of Harrowbarrow.

Wolf is not a supporter of the Traktionstadtsgesellschaft treaty and he still gets Harrowbarrow to eat smaller towns, saying that when the war was over the bigger cities would be afraid to eat each other and only Pirate Suburbs and towns like his own will survive.

He travelled with Tom, Wren and Theo to the ruins of London. When he discovers New London he returns to Harrowbarrow and starts driving it towards London with the intent of eating New London and making Harrowbarrow a flying predator. Wren tries to trick him into going down electric lane. However, Harrowbarrow survives and continues chasing New London. Wolf meets his end when he is stabbed with a pipe by Wren Natsworthy and falls onto the tracks and is shredded alive by the drills.

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